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Mozart & Handel at St Giles-in-the-Fields
Saturday November 23rd, 7.30pm
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The winter concert at St Giles-in-the-Fields, curated by conductor Fabricio Brachetta and organist Jonathan Bunney, features Mozart's Symphony No. 40 and Handel's Organ Concerto No. 6


The acclaimed London Arte Chamber Orchestra will perform in the historic and atmospheric setting of

St Giles, also known as the 'Poet's Church'. A new work by Fabricio Brachetta also features on this fabulous musical journey.

Over a coffee, Fabricio and Jonathan, who have collaborated for several years at this West End landmark, told us about the upcoming concert (Book tickets).


Fabricio, tell us about the concert at St Giles on Saturday November 23rd?

Fabricio: We’ve put together an evening of rich music and soaring melodies, perfect for a winter evening in the run-up to Christmas. Mozart’s magnificent Symphony No. 40 will be the highlight, together with a wonderful Handel organ concerto, as well as a brand new composition from me. We’re looking forward to a memorable night of music. 

What’s special about music at St Giles-in-the-Fields?

Jonathan: The acoustics are phenomenal, which for an organist is so important. But it’s more than that. St Giles is very atmospheric. This is a historic 18th-century church that also feels intimate and welcoming. You can sit in a pew, surrounded by all these memorials to poets and writers, and yet feel very close to the musicians on stage. A concert here is a real journey.

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Can you tell us about the pieces that will be performed?

Fabricio: Mozart’s 40th symphony is one of his later, more mature works, and it is very emotionally engaging – quite dark in parts, which is unusual for Mozart. He wrote it at a time of personal struggle, so it is full of unexpected drama. These final three symphonies, Nos 39 -41, are considered Mozart’s masterpieces. Last year we performed Symphony No.39, and next year we will do 41, so we’re working through them! 

Jonathan: Handel’s organ concerto No.6 is one of my favourite works by him. He composed six organ concertos for chamber organ and orchestra during 1735-36. This work is full of gusto and melodic flair, and sees the composer at the height of his creative powers. It's interesting that Handel himself would have played the St Giles organ at some point during his time in London!

The evening will also feature a new piece of music. Can you tell us more?

Fabricio: I’ve written a new work in one movement, inspired by the birth of my son, Luca. It makes full use of our chamber orchestra, and focuses on a range of emotions. I cannot write purely ‘happy’ music. Instead, I hope to capture the intense, heartfelt palette of experience that comes with the birth of a child.

Sat Nov 23rd, 7.30pm St Giles-in-theFields, London Arte Chamber Orchestra

MOZART, Symphony No. 40. HANDEL, Organ Concerto No.6.

Tickets £12 online/£8 concessions from Eventbrite.

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